Guardian Letter – 26 January 2012

Citizens concerned about climate change are right to demand clarity about Nigel Lawson’s funding. Lawson established his shadowy organisation back in 2009 following the Climategate fiasco, when the emails of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were hacked. There have been five inquiries into Climategate, three in the UK and two in the US, and they have unanimously exonerated the East Anglian scientists of any scientific wrongdoing. If the rationale for Lawson establishing GWPF was Climategate, why has he not now closed it down? One suspects the answer lies in the recent report from GWPF on the new fossil fuel source, tar sand and shale gas, which states: “Shale gas is not only abundant but relatively cheap and therefore promises to take market share from nuclear, coal and renewable energy and to replace oil in some transport and industrial uses, over coming decades.”
Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Chair, Planetary SOS

How Do The Greens Solve Global Warming?

This article was written in response to an article in the Guardian by Damian Carrington. – The Guardian’s head of environment – on 14 September 2011. He posed the question ‘Why are the environmental campaigners who changed the world in the 1980’s not winning the debate on global warming?’ This article seeks to answer that question. It was submitted to The Guardian in September 2011 and rejected by Damian Carrington on 10 October  2011.

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