Our Purpose

The purpose of Planetary SOS is to create a climate, both in the UK and abroad, which allows the politicians to take the right decisions on global warming. This is a matter of the utmost urgency, and we hope to achieve our objectives within 3 years.
 How We Will Achieve Our Mission

PlanetrySOS has been set up as limited company that will campaign on global warming. This will be a wholly owned subsidiary of a charitable company called ‘Help Rescue The Planet Charitable Trust‘, which will raise money to fund international conferences on climate change, both in the UK and abroad. The charitable trust will be established shortly. (tax relief will not be received when donating money to the campaign, but tax relief will apply when donating money to the charitable trust).

The charitable trust plans to advance education by organising conferences in those countries that frustrated attempts to reach  agreement at the Copenhagen summit on climate change in December 2009. Namely, China, the United States, India and Russia. Since 1990 (the baseline year for the Rio Summit), emissions of carbon dioxide worldwide have risen by 46%.This is an unmitigated disaster both for the environment and for the future survival of the human race. If the Greenland ice-sheet melts then world sea-levels will rise by 6 metres so that is goodbye to London, New York, New Orleans and many other cities built in coastal locations. If the Antarctica ice-sheets melt, and certainly this will take much longer, then world sea-levels will rise by 60 metres and then we can wave goodbye to human civilisation as we know it. The scientific community, in the shape of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has produced four reports over the past 20 years, and each one has provided increasing evidence of global warming, and man’s contribution to it.

The scientists have done their best to communicate this potentially devastating issue to the politicians, who have completely failed to act appropriately. Despite fine speeches from the likes of Obama and Cameron, they have done precisely nothing. Our campaign hopes to change all that.

In 2014 PlanetarySOS was dissolved and its activities transferred to Help Rescue The Planet.  This website is maintained for reference purposes only.

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